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Support Organized Labor

This post was read by Vice Chair Rachael Dickinson as part of our "Who are the Democrats in St. Clair County?" project.

My name is Rachael Dickinson, and I’ve been a proud, dues-paying union worker for 17 years, so I believe in worker’s rights and I am grateful for the power of a collectively bargained contract. I have lived a good life because the strength of my union means good wages, essential benefits, and safe working conditions.

Understanding the worth of union power is as easy as enjoying the weekend, appreciating a 40-hour work week, and cashing a paycheck that covers the bills.

Thomas Good / CC BY-SA (
Thomas Good / CC BY-SA (

But, I know when I pay my dues I’m not just investing in a better life for myself and my family, I’m building stronger communities and a stronger economy.

Union power has been the fundamental influence on the economic health of the individual American worker. Where unions thrive, all workers thrive.

Union strength has been the key to stronger communities and a stronger overall economy. Where union workers prosper, communities prosper.

Susan Ruggles from Milwaukee, USA / CC BY (
Susan Ruggles from Milwaukee, USA / CC BY (

So, how can we all support Labor? We vote for Democrats, whose political platform has long maintained that organized labor is a powerful force for the common good.

We need union strength to power prosperity and we need to put Democrats in office where they can turn the values that honor work into public policy that will benefit all working families and all communities so that everyone shares a prosperous economy.

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