The St. Clair County Democratic Party Executive Board consists of the Chair, Vice Chair, Recording Secretary, Treasurer, Corresponding Secretary and At-Large Members. The Executive Board sets the agenda for the weekly meetings and handles the day-to-day work and decision making for the Party.

The mission of the St. Clair County Democratic Party is to build our infrastructure, expand our outreach throughout St. Clair County, as well as recruit, support, and elect Democratic public servants at all levels of government.

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Jim Frank

Jim Frank is the Chair of the St. Clair County Democratic Party. Jim ran for Michigan's 83rd State House district in 2016 and served as the Vice Chair of the Party until his election as Chair in 2018. A translator, traveler, and teacher, he has as taught English and French at SC4 since 1999. Jim has worked as an activist for an anti-nuclear war campaign, clean water action group, and served as president of the college's teacher's union. He loves to travel.

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Michael Goforth

Michael has been active in the county party for the last four years. He has run for office and plans to in 2022. Look for his campaign for the SC4 Board of Trustees. In July 2022, Michael accepted the crucial role of treasurer. Mike is a lifelong resident of the Blue Water community who believes in fighting for the working man. He has worked in the automotive industry for decades and is one of our southern St. Clair County members and officers. 

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Rachael Dickinson
Vice Chair

Rachael has been a key member of our county party's officers for over a decade. In 2022 she will be coordinating sign pick up and/or delivery. Rachael has been a member of the MDP State Central Committee for over 10 years and was currently elected Vice President of UAW Local 6000, State of Michigan employees. She travels frequently throughout the state to support our union sisters and brothers.

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Ray Kerr
Recording Secretary

Ray Kerr has been the Recording Secretary for the St. Clair County Democratic Party since 2011. Ray also serves as a Precinct Delegate for St. Clair Township. Currently the president of a credit union, Ray used to work for the United States Postal Service.

Carolyn Holley
At-Large Member

Carolyn has been served our county party for decades, more than fifty years. Her activism is an example for us all as well as her hard work when it comes to phone banking, lit drops, and rallies. Over the years she has been the first one on the street demonstrating for women's rights, reproductive rights, rights to be free of gun violence as well as any other demonstration for human dignity and freedom. Her passion and dedication inspire us all in St. Clair County.

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Susan Alderman
Fundraising and Special Projects

Susan Alderman is an at-large member of the St. Clair County Democratic Party, and also serves as the chair of the fundraising committee. Susan has been a dedicated member of the Party since 2006. Her favorite past time is metal detecting, and her cats are named after prominent Democrats of the past like Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt.